Questions for God

2 Chronicles 20: 6 “O Lord, the God our dads, would you say you are not God in the sky? Furthermore, are You not leader over all the realms of the countries” Power and may are in Your grasp so no man can remain against You.

It is OK to ask God inquiries. He is accessible and acknowledges your inquiries with an open ear. You can scrutinize His capacity and He won’t be outraged. You even have His consent to ask Him for what reason.

An extraordinary lord Jehoshaphat asked God, “would you say you are not God in paradise? This present lord’s reality was self-destructing and He asked God, “Are You not ruler in all the realms of the countries?” If a ruler would pose such inquiries, it is OK for you to have questions.

After the inquiries, the lord finished up God as ruler in paradise and on earth and he expressed, “Force and may are in Your grasp so no man can remain against You.”

Despite your conditions, God is in control. He is the leader of paradise and earth. God knows your name, the quantity of hairs on your head and He knows your torment. He needs to ensure, guide and love you through your inquiries and difficult situations. Try not to lose faith in God. In case, you did, what to do when you lose faith in god, spot you trust in the force that made all you see, contact and taste. He is your Friend, Father and Savior. He adored you so much He sent His solitary Son Jesus to pass on only for you. Furthermore, He wouldn’t fret your inquiries.

Prayer Focus: Lord, I trust You are the Lord of paradise and earth. I place my life in your grasp.