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Social Media Addiction Statistics Every Tech Enthusiast Must Know in 2020

Social media addiction statistics show that our dependence on technology increases yearly. Although breakthrough innovations have improved the quality of life globally, they’ve also introduced a range of new challenges.

That includes social media addiction.

The thing is:

Although the excessive use of social media isn’t officially recognized as a disorder yet, it has serious consequences.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at the most recent figures on social media addiction.

Fascinating social media addiction stats
Internet and social media addictions affect 210 million people worldwide.
Social media addiction effects include sleep disruption among 4 in 10 young adults in the US.
90% of young adults in the US actively use social media.
Generation Z spends the most time on social media (2 hours and 55 minutes per day).
50% of people use social media while driving.
1 billion people use Instagram every month.
Approximately two-thirds of adults in the US have a Facebook account.

Understanding Social Media
Before delving into the latest social media addiction facts in 2019, we need to define the term social media. Often, we use it to refer to web-based sites where people gather to socialize such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, not all online platforms that allow users to interact can be called social media.

Take forums, for example.

People with common interests turn to online forums to share or seek information, much like on any other social network. But no one refers to these platforms like social media.