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Two Super Duper Bible Memory Verse Activities For Your Elementary Kids

Wasn’t it great of God to make the world so brilliant? What’s your preferred shading? Blue, green, red, purple or chartreuse? You may not realize what your preferred shading is, yet I wager your orange jelly beans that your children know. Things being what they are, the reason not to have a good time with hues and God’s Word to assist them with remembering their best bible verses? Here are 2 incredible and EASY Bible retention exercises:

1. Shading Stand Up After going over a Bible verse with your youngsters, test them on their remembrance by picking a shading. Everybody in the class who is wearing that shading must stand up and state the section together. Continue picking new hues till you’re certain everybody knows the section.

2. Shading Stomp For this memory section action, you should set up an enormous square of development paper for every youngster in the class. Pick various hues. In the event that you have an enormous gathering of messes with you may have squares of copy hues. Presently set up a little square for each shading picked that will go in a pail or cap. I propose you overlay all the squares for long haul use. You are presently prepared to play the game.

Spot the huge squares all around and have a youngster remain on a square. Presently play some music and have the children stroll around the circle. Stop the music at a dubious time. The youngsters should freeze on the closest unfilled square. Presently pick a youngster to venture into the container of little squares. Whoever is remaining on the picked shading must state the Bible verse. Play the game again and have a great time.